Sunday, October 21, 2012


  These are not your average Halloween cookies nor are they your average baby shower cookies.  When I had to combine the two, this is what I came up with. 
You can easily add a bow made of ribbon to your cookie because the royal icing acts as a glue and dries nicely.  It is easy enough for the cookie-eater to take it off. 

Ever seen a pregnant mummy?! hehe!

 Just add a pacifier to any cookie to make it a baby girl cookie. ;)  I was going to add one to the mummies but thought that would be pacifier overkill.
Baby girl Frankensteins were a must. 
I threw some pink and purple pumpkins in there too!

Pop Quiz:  Which cutter do you think I used for the Frankensteins?  Try to be as specific as possible.  First person to comment on this post with the right answer wins the cutter!  :)

 {The Cookie Puzzle guessed it!  I used the Wilton ice cream cone cutter for the Frankestein.  I just turned it upside down}  Thanks for playing!!


  1. I think you used santa ;o) But i don't know if you ship to Norway ;o)

  2. Cute cookies! I think you used and Ice Cream cone cutter, like the one that comes in the Wilton Carded set seen here!

  3. Maybe a Fire Hydrant? Either way, these are the CUTEST halloween cookies I've ever seen!

  4. Either an upside down cupcake or a leprechaun makes up your frankenstien??

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  6. Yeah technically it's ice cream cone cutter